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The 1950s Lifestyles and Social Trends: Overview. The 1950s was an era of great upheaval in the United States. By the millions, Americans who had just survived two decades of economic depression and war left the cities for the greenery and open spaces of the suburbs. Suburban towns sprang up like crabgrass across the country. With these instant communities came a new American lifestyle that included suburban malls, fast-food restaurants, TV dinners, drive-in movies, and an oversized, gas. 1950s Music. Elvis Presley. Sam Cooke. Chuck Berry. Fats Domino. Buddy Holly. The 1950s saw the emergence of Rock 'n' Roll, and the new sound swept the nation. It helped inspire rockabilly. Here's a List of 20 Inventions in the 1950s 1. Invention: Credit Card Source: Sutori. Date of Invention: 1950 Inventor: Frank McNamara. As the 1950s approached, only a few people saw the need to go cashless. The first card to be used for payment without needing physical money was invented in 1950. Frank McNamara is credited for this invention and is accompanied by his colleague Ralph Schneider. They both owned and operated Diners Club In the early 1950's R.S. Ohl discovered that sunlight striking a wafer of silicon could produce large numbers of free electrons. In 1954 three scientists created an array of several strips of silicon placed them in sunlight, captured the free electrons and turned them into electrical current. This was the first solar battery

The 1950s Lifestyles and Social Trends: Overview

  1. The 1950s was a prosperous time in American history. The unemployment rate was low, and families began to buy houses and cars in record numbers. Although this decade was relatively economically stable, it was also socially turbulent. Events that occurred during the civil rights movement brought the nation's attention to racial injustice, and desegregation resulted in significant conflict and violence
  2. The 1950s were characterized as a prosperous and conformist decade for many reasons. The first and most widespread of these reasons was the development of the suburbs. As masses of Southern blacks migrated northward to the big cities, more rich and middle-class families left to live in the suburbs to escape the crime, redlining, and blockbusting of the cities. This mass migration later became.
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  4. Fifties homes designed to include wanted features. Another most-wanted feature — shelter against the weather at front and rear entrances — has been incorporated in a wide variety of ways in most of the plans. Kitchens have been accorded the thoughtful planning that is essential for a workable, livable house
  5. um or asbestos-cement shingles. Some people began to proclaim their individuality with unusual installations of common exterior siding, such as the diagonal siding on the facade.
  6. During the 1950s, dramatic advances in an array of technologies reshaped American culture and transformed the manner in which Americans viewed civilization. More and more families owned television sets, on which they increasingly depended for news and entertainment. While most TV sets picked up only black-and-white signals, the first color TVs were produced and the first broadcasts presented in living color were aired. Improvements i

Development 1950 Alan Turing proposes the Turing Test as a measure of machine intelligence. Claude Shannon published a detailed analysis of chess playing as search. Isaac Asimov published his Three Laws of Robotics. 195 The 1950's brought about change and evolution of the American teenager. Youths became independent, which was seen through certain shocking behavior, such as their new risqué dance moves, love of fast cars, and overall self-determining mindset. There were many publications that came out during this time, which tried to make sense of this seemly teenage rebellion. However, it was not until. The Year 1950 1950 Year In History including South Africa the Group Areas Act creates Apartheid, NATO Created, China invades Tibet, McCarthy Begins his Persecution of Communists, US Leads World in Korean War following North Korea invasion of South Korea, James Dean big break comes with Pepsi Commercial In the 1950s and 1960s, the bumper crop of children born after World War II, known collectively as the baby boomers, grew into teenagers and young adults. As the largest single generation up until that point in American history, the baby boomers had a tremendous effect on popular culture thanks to their sheer numbers

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The new towns in the United Kingdom were planned under the powers of the New Towns Act 1946 and later acts to relocate populations in poor or bombed-out housing following the Second World War. They were developed in three waves. Later developments included the expanded towns: existing towns which were substantially expanded to accommodate what was called the overspill population from densely populated areas of deprivation. Designated new towns were removed from local authority. The early 1950s were the mass-market heyday of the English seaside resort - before the development of the cheap package holiday to the Continent. Most people stayed in small guest houses, or in holidaycamps and caravan parks. Traditional pier attractions like the peep-shows and live shows remained popular, as did seaside fare like shellfish, rock and candyfloss. But the beaches were the great attraction and those of popular resorts like Brighton would be covered, on summer bank holidays.

From Schuman Declaration to the Treaty of Rome (1950-1957) of coal and steel production should immediately provide for the setting up of common foundations for economic development as a first step in the federation of Europe (...) Schuman Declaration 9th May 1950. Robert Schuman : That same year, the French government proposed the establishment of an European Defence Community (EDC). This. The 1950s and 1960s witnessed notable developments in the Ethiopian political, legal, and economic fields. Realisation of the inadequacy of the then existing Ethiopian Constitution, and comparison with the more progressive UN Eritrean Constitution of 1952, led to the formulation in 1955 of a Revised Ethiopian Constitution. Reportedly having taken six years to draft, it was a lengthy document. A Brief History of 1950's Makeup. A concise illustrated guide to 1950s makeup looks and cosmetic developments, featuring the key styles for women in that decade. The age of makeup entered its golden age in the 1950's. For the first time, unknown models began to rival the big Hollywood names in becoming the 'face' of makeup brands

The civil rights movement was a struggle for social justice that took place mainly during the 1950s and 1960s for Black Americans to gain equal rights under the law in the United States. The Civil. The 1950s saw the rise of global tensions due to cold war, and the world was cleft into two political, administrative and ideological halves — capitalism, espoused by the US, and communism, adopted by the Soviet Union, or USSR. This also gave rise to a third group of non-aligned countries. The new politics during the 1950s were largely determined by the relations between the US and the USSR. A montage made by me about the gymnastics uneven bars, developements/evolution from the 50s to 2010. The apparatus that witnessed the most radical changes.To.. 1950s Civil Rights Developments. from Richard A. Schwartz, The 1950s (New York: Facts on File, 2003) 1940s. Civil Rights. The most significant developments in civil rights in the immediate postwar era came in 1947, when Jackie Robinson eliminated the color restrictions in major league baseball by playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and in 1948, when Truman, by executive action, desegregated the. During the 1950s and 1960s, the young Federal Republic of Germany experienced an economic boom which went hand in hand with an enormous expansion of the labor market. Since the domestic workforce was no longer sufficient to cover demand, Germany entered into the first agreements for the recruitment of workers with Italy in 1955, and with Greece and Spain in 1960. Treaties with Turkey (1961), Morocco (1963), Portugal (1964), Tunisia (1965) and Yugoslavia (1968) followed suit. The migrant.

1950s The Timeline highlights significant developments in the history of financial regulation against U.S. and world events. Choose a decade to start, scroll down to read more 1950s fashion varied greatly from beginning to end. Waistlines wandered, Chanel shimmered. Browse over 100 pictures and read about 1950s fashion history As of 1950, the European Coal and Steel Community begins to unite European countries economically and politically in order to secure lasting peace. The six founding countries are Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The 1950s are dominated by a cold war between east and west. Protests in Hungary against the Communist regime are put down by Soviet tanks in 1956. In 1957, the Treaty of Rome creates the European Economic Community (EEC), or 'Common Market' Development of Suburbs 1950. While the suburbs had originated far earlier; the suburban population in North America exploded during the post-World War II economic expansion. Returning veterans wishing to start a settled life moved en masse to the suburbs. Levittown developed as a major prototype of mass-produced housing. At the same time, African Americans were rapidly moving north for better. Vaccine History: Developments by Year. Contact Us Vaccine Education Center. Contact Us Online . First vaccines. Edward Jenner was the first to test a method to protect against smallpox in a scientific manner. He did his study in 1796, and although he did not invent this method, he is often considered the father of vaccines because of his scientific approach that proved the method worked. The.

1950s Timeline. The scientific and mass production advances made during the second World War, meant that the fifties changed forever the way people lived, for example, technological changes in fibres, communication and medicine. The fifties changed all our lives so that we do live differently now Simon featured on the November 1950 Scientific American cover. Plans to build the Simon 1 relay logic machine are published. Computers; The hobbyist magazine Radio Electronics publishes Edmund Berkeley's design for the Simon 1 relay computer from 1950 to 1951. The Simon 1 used relay logic and cost about $600 to build. In his book Giant Brains, Berkeley noted - We shall now consider how we. Houses were smaller than pre-war ones so furniture had to stack or be light enough to move about; trolleys, sofa beds and ironing boards are all 1950s inventions. There are several looks to choose. The economic revival of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) in the two decades following the second world war saw a period of unprecedented growth, which in the 1950s stood at some 8% a year before falling to a still impressive 4.6% in the 1960s. This figure is particularly impressive given that the immediate post war growth figures were just 1% per annum. This impressive leap in growth figures, which bought about greatly increased living standards for the populace, found its.

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let us proceed to the developments after 1950. Per capita real GNP rose in both Germanies, and the increases through 1957 were about even (in 1958 the West had a slight edge: with 1950 equal to 100, the 1 The sources for the three tabulations that follow are: Stolper's book (see Editors' Note, above); Statistisches Jahrbuch, 1961; Wirtschaft und Statistik, 12 Jg., n.f., Heft 10, 1961; Egon R. June 25, 1950. North Korean communists invade South Korea. June 27. President Truman, without the approval of Congress, commits American troops to battle. April 11, 1951. President Truman removes Gen. Douglas MacArthur as head of U.S. Far East Command. July 27, 1953. Armistice agreement is signed. 1950 ? 1975 May 1950 The Fifties saw a new development in the music scene with Rock 'n' Roll and rhythm and blues music becoming hugely popular. The decade saw the start of music icons such as Elvis, Johnny Cash and June Carter. Also during the Fifties a new group of actors and singers developed called The Rat Pack based around Stephen Bogart. Their big band, crooner style was immensely popular and they were a constant hit throughout the fifties and sixties. The original members of The Rat Pack included. 1950s Art - War on Abstraction. The different standpoints between East and West in 1950s widely influenced the art scene - in Eastern bloc socialist realism provoked politically engaged art or continue to develop in North Korea and in Western world blossomed movements with an answer to the rise of capitalism. We might say that in 1950s one could draw a line between East and West, exclusively based on the attitude towards abstract art. This strict division in treatment of abstraction was. Unlike aesthetics, technological innovations continued apace throughout the 1950s. By the end of the decade, nearly all the remaining manual local telephone exchanges, which required a human operator to connect a local phone call, had been replaced by automatic exchanges although operators remained available for directory assistance. Direct distance dialing also came about in the 1950s, allowing callers to directly dial long-distance numbers without an operator intermediary. Another major.

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Since its commercial birth in the 1950s as a technological oddity at a science fair, gaming has blossomed into one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world Throughout the 1950s, there were many political developments from the start of the 1950s to the end. The 1950s were one of the most turbulent decades in global politics, containing some seminal political events. The decade was probably one of the most politically challenged phases in modern history. The whole world reacted to the onslaught of the Cold War and the need for socio-economical.

The classic narrative of economic development—poor countries are caught in poverty traps, out of which they need a Big Push involving increased investment, leading to a takeoff in per capita income—has been very influential in foreign aid debates since the 1950s. This was the original justification for foreign aid. The narrative lost credibility for a while but has made a big comeback in. Through nonviolent protest, the civil rights movement of the 1950s and '60s broke the pattern of public facilities' being segregated by race in the South and achieved the most important breakthrough in equal-rights legislation for African Americans since the Reconstruction period (1865-77). Although the passage in 1964 and 1965 of major civil rights legislation was victorious for the movement, by then militant Black activists had begun to see their struggle as a freedom or. Also in 1950, Albert Claude of the Université Catolique de Louvain in Belgium discovered the endoplasmic reticulum using electron microscopy. That same year, influenza type C was discovered. New compounds and structures were identified in the human body throughout the decade. In 1950, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid ) was identified in the brain. Soon after that, Italian biologist Rita Levi-Montalcini demonstrated the existence of a nerve growth hormone. In Germany, F.F.K. Lynen isolated the.

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The Culture of the 1950s. During the 1950s, a sense of uniformity pervaded American society. Conformity was common, as young and old alike followed group norms rather than striking out on their own. Though men and women had been forced into new employment patterns during World War II, once the war was over, traditional roles were reaffirmed. Men expected to be the breadwinners; women, even. 1950. What Happened in 1950 History. The Diner's Club begins issuing the first credit cards. The Korean War begins when North Korea invades South Korea. Famous physicist Albert Einstein warns the world that a nuclear war would lead to mutual destruction. The United States begins the development and production of the hydrogen bomb Abstract. The economic and social development of the Third World, as such, was clearly not a policy objective of the colonial rulers before the Second World War. 1 Such an objective would have been inconsistent with the underlying division of labour and trading patterns within and among colonial blocks. It was not until the end of the colonial system in the late 1940s and 1950s, and the. The post-World War II economic expansion, also known as the postwar economic boom or the Golden Age of Capitalism, was a broad period of worldwide economic expansion beginning after World War II and ending with the 1973-1975 recession. The United States, Soviet Union and Western European and East Asian countries in particular experienced unusually high and sustained growth, together with.

Thus was born the push for development, a concept which along with more conventional notions of economic investment also embraced a degree of moral and humanitarian fervour. During the late 1950s, the United Nations had begun to adapt its institutions to take on the development challenge. It already had technical expertise within its specialized agencies but it also needed a mechanism to channel financial resources. In 1957, therefore, it established a Special Fund to support the growth of. By the 1950s, we had a generation of scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers with the concept of artificial intelligence (or AI) culturally assimilated in their minds. One such person was Alan Turing, a young British polymath who explored the mathematical possibility of artificial intelligence. Turing suggested that humans use available information as well as reason in order to solve problems and make decisions, so why can't machines do the same thing? This was the logical framework. Chapter 12 will continue to describe the developments in the 1950s. References: Barnet, C. 'The Audit of War' Papermac. ISBN -333-43458-7. 1986. Edwards. R. 'The Secondary Technical School'. University of London Press. 1960. Other Useful References: Argles. M. 'South Kensington to Robbins'. Longmans. 1964. Cotgrove. S.F.

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THE 1950s DEVELOPMENT OF THE SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIER (SCR) AND THE TRIAC AT GE . During a 30+ year career at GE, Bill Gutzwiller made substantial contributions to the field of power semiconductor applications and devices, especially the silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) and the Triac. You'll learn all about the development of these historic devices from Bill's firsthand experiences and recollections. If you've designed an SCR or Triac circuit, studied these devices at school, or. Figure 1: Rural development ideas timeline 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s modernisation dual economy model 'backward' agric. community development lazy peasants transformation approach technology transfer mechanisation agricultural extension growth role of agric. green revolution (start) rational peasants redistribution with growth basic need In 1950 full two-thirds of tourists arrived in Europe. Over the following 68 years the relative importance declined to around 50%, but it is still the most important touristic region. Asia and Pacific had only very small importance as a tourist destination in 1950. In 2018 however, every fourth tourist arrived in the region. Click to open interactive version. International arrivals by country. The 1950s continued the late 1940s style with very full skirts, cinched waists and sloping shoulders. Another popular silhouette was the narrow pencil-skirt look. Daywear consisted of skirts and jackets or day dresses in tweeds and woollens. Dresses with pencil or full skirts were seen in either plain fabrics or floral prints. Separates were popular, especially waist length cardigans. Hats were either small pill-box styles or large brimmed, saucer-like hats. Hair was often cropped quite.

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Year: Event and Significance: Early 1950s: Film theater attendance drastically declined due to the rise of television. 1950: Hollywood began to develop ways to counteract free television's gains by the increasing use of color, and by introducing wide-screen films (i.e., CinemaScope, Techniscope, Cinerama, VistaVision, etc.) and gimmicks (i.e., 3-D viewing with cardboard glasses, Smell-O-Vision. Table 1: Average annual per Capita GDP growth rate in USSR (1950-1991)4 Period Average per Capita GDP growth (%) High economic growth (1950-1973) 3,6 Stagnation (1974-1984) 0,93 Perestroika (1985-1991) -1,3 Source: Maddison (2006, p. 478-479). The economic development program of the USSR was based on a process of fast industrialization. The. Interactive Artwork Map. Discover NYCHA's 80+ artworks dating from now to the 1930s. We have compiled photos and detailed information to help connect our developments to their communities through artwork. Please contact us about our artwork policy and mapping project at art@nycha.nyc.gov. View map now

The origins of AI research are intimately linked with two landmark papers on chess playing by machine. 2 They were written in 1950 by Claude E. Shannon, a mathematician at Bell Laboratories who is widely acknowledged as a principal creator of information theory. In the late 1930s, while still a graduate student, he developed a method for symbolic analysis of switching systems and networks. New Developments in the Science of Biological Species. Source: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1951 First Published: Agrobiologia, 1950, No. 6; Online Version: Sally Ryan for the T. D. Lysenko Reference Archive (marxists.org) 2002. To this day no clear-cut definition of the term species exists in the science of biology. Yet every biologist as he observes living nature--and particularly the. The 1401's story begins in the early 1950s in France where Compagnie des Machines Bull out competed IBM with its punched-card machine that integrated a calculator and an accounting machine. In response, IBM convened a marketing study followed by parallel development efforts in its Paris, Böblingen, and Poughkeepsie laboratories. In 1955, the. Family Development 1880s To 1950s - YouTube. Family Development 1880s To 1950s. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your. Data on Germany across agriculture,development,economy,education,energy,environment,finance,government,health,innovation and technology,jobs,society Find, compare and share OECD data by country. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD

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Dinner with the nuclear family, 1950 | The threat of invasion and subversion in the Cold War era led Americans to seek consensus and conformity, in politics and in culture. The rise of consumer culture in the same period, driven by an economic boom, a population surge, and suburban development gave rise to a middle class with certain expectations about material culture and behavior Developments during this period were mainly confined to Europe and the USA. Physicists born during this period include: Wolfgang Pauli, German physicist and discoverer of atomic electron shells: born 1900. Frédéric Juliot-Curie, French co-discoverer of artificial radioactivity: 1900 Rock and roll, style of popular music that originated in the United States in the mid-1950s and that evolved by the mid-1960s into the more encompassing international style known as rock music, though the latter also continued to be known as rock and roll. Learn more about the history of rock and roll in this article Archives 1950s Development Data Book Select Blueprint for Change Developments Leadership & Departments Board Meetings Annual Plan & Financial Information Transparency & Reports Policies & Procedures Jobs Language Access Sandy Recovery & Progress Permanent Affordability Commitment Together Chelsea-Fulton Working Group Sustainability Agenda Waste Managemen

Development of Mathematics 1900-1950 Edited by Jean-Paul Pier Birkhäuser Verlag Basel Boston Berlin . Table of Contents Introduction xii List of Participants xv Titles of Lectures xix Guidelines 1900-1950 1 Jean Dieudonne Une breve histoire de la topologie 35 Introduction 35 1 L'apport de Riemann 36 2 Les notions topologiques dans les espaces W 38 3 Espaces metriques et espaces topologiques. 1950s saw the introduction of fish fingers, electric fires, washing machine, ink and toilet paper. In the 1950s, a typical home had a cooker, vacuum cleaner and a plug-in radio. Only 33 per cent of households had a washing machine. Most people were still doing their washing by hand. Only 15 per cent had a fridge and freezers and tumble dryers were scarcely heard of. Only 10 per cent of the. Der Colombo-Plan wurde als Idee auf einer Commonwealth-Konferenz der Außenminister in Sri Lanka im Januar 1950 entworfen. Auf dem Treffen wurde die Idee eines Plans ins Rollen gebracht, der durch internationale Zusammenarbeit die Lebensbedingungen in Südasien verbessern soll. Ursprünglich war der Plan für sechs Jahre entworfen. Die Gründungsmitglieder waren allesamt Mitglieder des Commonwealth - Australien, Vereinigtes Königreich, Kanada, Ceylon, Indien, Neuseeland und.

Learn about the myths and realities of women's lives during the 1950s. Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Email. 1950s America. Korean War overview. The Korean War. The Eisenhower era. Anticommunism in the 1950s. Popular culture and mass media in the 1950s. Women in the 1950s. This is the currently selected item. Atomic fears and the arms race . The start of the Space Race. Practice: 1950s. Technological developments since 1950 have been revolutionary; computers, electronic devices, and sophisticated spacecraft innovations are having profound effects. Many of the time-consuming aspects of cartography are now readily done with computer-plotter methods. Data acquisition methods have enormously increased the available information, and the cartographer is now intimately involved in. History 1950s to 1960s: Early Developments. North Korea began its nuclear program in the early 1950s. In December 1952, the government established the Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Academy of Sciences, but nuclear work only began to progress when North Korea established cooperative agreements with the Soviet Union. [2] Pyongyang signed the founding charter of the Soviet Union's. Public housing advocates argue that the nation should expand the federal public housing program as part of an effort to increase the supply of affordable rental housing. This paper examines federal public housing construction in the largest US cities over the period 1937-1967, a period during which the public housing program was the primary program to provide low-income households with. By 1950, the company had produced over 400,000 frozen dinners. Demand continued to grow, and in 1952 the Bernstein brothers formed the Quaker State Food Corporation. They expanded distribution to markets east of the Mississippi. By 1954, Quaker State Foods had produced and sold over 2,500,000 frozen dinners

History of Music Jess Loader 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2. Explore professional development books with Scribd. Scribd - Free 30 day trial. The history of pop music LukaWheeler. The History Of Australian Music violapond87. Pop music valentinarestrepo1183. Music Through The Ages Power Point hudelsor. Teenagers of the 1950s guesta93588. Popular Music 1950s- 1990s Meldz Miguel. 1950's. : average annual rates of growth during 1950-83: countries grouped by income level : AVERAGE VARIAT'ION IN ECONOMIC STRUCTURE WITH LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT FOR POST 1973 PERIOD (Population = 20 million 1950s Midcentury-Modern Design and Architecture. We shine a spotlight on the masters of this midcentury movement, which saw modernist design become a significant part of everyday life. By.

Having your own car meant you could live farther away from where you worked. The suburbs grew 47 percent in the 1950s as more and more Americans staked out their own little territory. New housing starts, which had dropped to 100,000 a year during the war, climbed to 1.5 million annually. To fill the need, [ Trace four major Cold War developments/events from 1945 to 1950. Provide substantive details about each development and describe how each of those developments influenced US foreign policy

In 1950 Truman had authorized the development of a new and more powerful hydrogen bomb. Eisenhower, fearful that defense spending was out of control, reversed Truman's NSC-68 policy of a large. The Movement produced two anthologies, Enright's Poets of the 1950s (1955) and Conquest's New Lines (1956), but while Amis achieved some success as part of the group with his poetry it was his debut novel, Lucky Jim (1954), which secured his reputation. With the novel's central character, Jim Dixon, Amis gave English literature an unlikely new hero, one who was very much in tune with the modern age. In the process Amis also provided the link between the Movement, with its dislike of. The most interesting construction of the early 1950s was undoubtedly the unsuccessful British BRM, whose daring concept never quite made it onto the grid on account of budget difficulties. The British team employed a traditional tubular frame chassis with a De-Dion rear axle for their national racing car. The engine was a 1.5 litre unit with 16 (!) cylinders. In theory, this power-pack was capable of delivering 615 HP at 12,000 rpm, but it fell short with 525 HP at 10,500 rpm, among other. ANC and the early development of apartheid 1948-1950s. Moroka and Dadoo calling for volunteers for the Defiance Campaign, Freedom Square, Fordburg. 1952. Source: Jurgen Schaderberg ©. In 1948 the Nationalist Party (NP) won the election, and began to introduce the policy of apartheid Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1950. Photo booths offering 4 poses for 25 cents. Shoe cleaning in the 1950s, Helsinki. Playing stickball in New York City. A street full of pigeons. To draw people's attention to a new line of bathing suits, a department store in Tokyo used human models instead of mannequins to show off the suits. June 5, 1950

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During the period 1949-1965, there was little economic growth, predominantly in the years from 1950 to 1957. In 1958-1965, growth rates dwindled, largely due to political instability and inappropriate economic policy measures. The hesitant start of democracy was characterized by a power struggle between the president, the army, the communist party and other political groups. Exchange rate. From 1930 to 1950, the New Deal expanded welfare to the majority of Americans. However, the bill still excluded certain minority groups, maintaining social and legal barriers that openly discriminated against a sizable portion of American citizens. The 1960s marked the beginning of an era where individuals were prepared to fight for their rights as American citizens as well as fight the cycle. 1950s: The Beginnings of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research. With the development of the electronic computer in 1941 and the stored program computer in 1949 the conditions for research in artificial intelligence (AI) were given. Still, the observation of a link between human intelligence and machines was not widely observed until the late 1950s The 1950 witnessed creation of the Rock'n'Roll genre, a genre still popular today. One of the first groups to portray this was Bill Haley & His Comets . Founded in 1952, this group introduced the world to Rock'n'Roll; as white musicians. The band proved themselves successful achieving nine hits in the top 20, including one top of the chart and three more in the top ten. The band was considered revolutionary in this era, with their matching plaid dinner jackets and energetic behaviour.

In the 1950s and 1960s, some of the biggest strides were made toward a more liberal and westernized lifestyle, while trying to maintain a respect for more conservative factions. Though officially. 1950's literary development continued.. Other works such as those by Norman Mailer, portrayed World War 2 experiences. James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison expressed much of African American experiences. Philip Roth and Bernard Malamud depicted Jewish American life, and Alan Ginsberg portrayed the emergence of counterculture. A new era. A new era of literature would soon flourish in the 1960s. By the end of the 1950s, the generation born in the baby boom was reaching its teenage years. The increased living standards, the spread of education and the growth of leisure time helped to create..

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53,368 1950s stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See 1950s stock video clips. of 534. 1950s graphic america route 66 1950s phone person smoking art 1950s retro letters vintage secretaries 50s retro man 1950s background vector retro 60s 1950s housewife Development of oldest-old mortality, 1950-1990: Evidence from 28 developed countries. Väinö Kannisto. Monographs on Population Aging, 1. Odense University Press. To obtain copies from Odense University Press, please go to the Order Page From the 1950s through the 1970s, movements for civil and social rights, equality, and justice swept the United States. As the photograph of a civil rights rally at San Jose State College (now SJSU) shows, the movement wasn't limited to African Americans but also drew from the white community. As the movement gained ground, however, it created a backlash of racism in many parts of the country, including California. The 1963 photograph documenting a cross burning on the lawn of a black family. In the 1950s, this didn't mean dealing in street drugs or drive-by shootings, but rather chewing gum in class, souping up a hot rod and talking back to parents. Rock'n'roll music was attacked on all fronts, with records banned and smashed. Radio DJs were ordered not to play certain songs; rock singers (especially Elvis) were condemned; and the career of rock promoter Alan Freed, the man who. One of the most popular products in the 1950s was the TV. At the start of the decade, there were about 3 million TV owners; by the end of it, there were 55 million, watching shows from 530 stations. The average price of TV sets dropped from about $500 in 1949 to $200 in 1953. [

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It is clear that the development of better cancer treatments has improved the prognosis and quality of life for those who hear the words, You have cancer. During the early 1950s, the overall cure rate for cancer was 33%. In 1976, half of all cancer patients survived more than 5 years after diagnosis. In 2005, closer to two thirds are alive 5 years after they learn they have cancer. 2. Die Organisation für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (OWZE; englisch Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD; französisch Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques, OCDE) ist eine internationale Organisation mit 37 Mitgliedstaaten, die sich der Demokratie und Marktwirtschaft verpflichtet fühlen This article is cited by 185 publications. Pinki Sihag, Masilamani Jeganmohan. Regioselective Synthesis of Isocoumarins via Iridium(III)-Catalyzed Oxidative Cyclization of Aromatic Acids with Propargyl Alcohols In an attempt to narrow this subject down, this guide will focus on just the 1950s decade of the Cold War. Having started in 1945, the war was just getting started in the 50s and over the course of the decade it would encounter many developments. It is important to look at this era specifically because, being as large a subject as it is, the beginning piece of the puzzle tends to get jumbled. In 1950 Sir Stafford Sands, a leading member of the island's Government, revived the Tourism Development Board, gave it a budget of $500,000 which it used for extensive advertising and the opening of five overseas offices in North America and Europe

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Abolished by Department of Housing and Urban Development Act (79 Stat. 667), September 9, 1965, and functions assigned to HUD. Textual Records: Subject files, 1943-48, 1950-64, and related alphabetical name indexes, 1950-58, 1963-64. FWA memorandums and other issuances inherited by CFA, 1940-50. CFA program files, 1963. Lanham Act war public. Modern Times: 1950s to The Present Day. Neighbourhoods By Irene Maver Although Glasgow's territory more than doubled in size during the inter-war period, reaching 16,077 hectares (over 62 square miles) by 1938, there was no further boundary expansion until 1975. Nevertheless, there was sustained building development in the newly acquired districts from the late 1940s, while an ambitious.

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Development is the driving force of change in the County as it has for the past half century. Orange County was among the earliest examples of what urban planners term Edge Cities, a term coined by J. Garreau. People came in the beginning (i.e. the 1950's) to find cheaper housing and an escape from LA life, and Orange County became the bedroom community for LA. As development spread further. If the 1950s was the decade that promised a continuation of the musical's crucial place in the culture, it was at least partly because the Rodgers and Hammerstein revolution of the 1940s urged the musical to seek beyond typical fare for stories based on realistic character development: to become drama. Thus, the 1940s introduced the notion and the 1950s exploited it. - Ethan Mordden, Coming. These two questions are examined by looking at the experience of 135 countries between 1950 and 1990. Descriptive information, statistical analyses, and historical narratives are interwoven to gain an understanding of the dynamic of political regimes and their impact on economic development and other aspects of material welfare. The findings, several most surprising, dispel any notion of a trade-off between democracy and development. Economic development does not generate democracies but.

The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 1971, and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Forum is tied to no political, partisan or national interests MH Development SA mit Sitz in Sion ist in der Creditreform Firmendatenbank eingetragen. Das Unternehmen ist wirtschaftsaktiv. Die Steuernummer des Unternehmens ist in den Firmendaten verfügbar. Für den postalischen Schriftverkehr nutzen Sie bitte die Firmenadresse Rue de Lausanne 79, 1950 Sion, Schweiz The Chrysler Turbine Car of the 1960s had been in development since the 1950s, when Chrysler went through three versions of turbine engines. The third such engine, the CR2A, was fitted to a quartet of 1962-model hardtop coupes -- two Dodge Darts and a pair of Plymouth Furys -- that preceded the Turbine Car. One of the Turbo Darts, as they were called, traveled from New York to Los Angeles on a.

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